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Adoption Forms

There are several types of adoptions. Some are private adoptions handled by an attorney or a private agency and others involve a state agency such as the Department of Human Services.

Click on your category of interest to download the necessary forms.

  • Supplemental Petition (PCA 302) Must be served on parent personally per MCR 3.802(2) page 319
  • If Name is Not on Birth Certificate, Acknowledgement of Paternity OR Order of Filiation
  • Valid Address for Non-Custodial Parent OR Declaration of Diligent Search
  • Death Certificate for Non-Custodial Parent(s), if applicable
  • Statement of Contact between Non-Custodial Parent and Child during Last 24 Months
  • Current Friend of the Court Payment History, if applicable

You will need the following:

  • Money Order made out to County of Saginaw in the amount of $185.00 per child.
  • Money Order made out to State of Michigan in the amount of $50.00 (won't need until towards the end of the adoption) for new birth certificate.
  • Petition for Adoption (PCA 301)
  • Supplemental Petition and Affidavit to Terminate the Parental Rights of Non-Custodial Parent. (used only if biological parent is contesting the adoption and adopting parent has sole legal and physical custody) Fee is $20.00
  • Petition for Hearing to Identify Father and Determine or Terminate His Rights: PCA 310 (Only if paternity has not been established.) Fee is $20.00
  • Notice of Hearing, Termination of Parental Rights (PCA 303) OR Notice of Hearing to Identify Father and Determine or Terminate His Parental Rights. (PCA 311)
  • Consent to Adoption by Parent (PCA 308)
  • Order Terminating Parental Rights/Rights of Person In Loco Parentis After Release or Consent (PCA 318)
  • Order Terminating Rights of Non-Custodial Parent (only if consenting parent contests and Judge terminates due to custodial parent having sole legal and physical custody) (PCA 304)
    Final Order of Adoption (PCA 321)
  • Birth Certificate of Child.
  • Marriage Certificate of current marriage.
  • Divorce Decree or Affidavit of Parentage OR Order of Affiliation.

You will need:

  • Central Adoption Registry Clearance (DHS-1921)
  • Original Birth Certificate(s)
  • Termination/Commitment Order
  • Initial/Updated Service Plans
  • Social Security Card(s)
  • Funding Source
  • Petition for Adoption (PCA 301)
  • Order Following Hearing Terminating Parental Rights (PCA 318)
  • Order Placing Child After Consent (PCA 320)
  • Statement of Services Performed by Agency/Department of Human Services (PCA 345)
  • Petitioner's Verified Accounting (PCA 347)
  • Final Order Allowing Fees and Costs (PCA 341)
  • Consent to Adoption by Adoptee, if child is 14 years old or older (PCA 307)
  • Adoption Consent Request (Child in Home, No Competing Parties) (DHS 3217)
  • Consent to Adoption by Agency/Court (PCA 309)
  • Final Order of Adoption (PCA 321)