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What Should I Expect When I Have Children and Dogs?

Children lack knowledge and expertise to interact safely with dogs, adults must ensure children and dogs interact well with each other. This is a two-step process:

  • Teaching your child
  • Training the dog


  • Never leave young children with any dog unattended
  • Warn children about approaching unknown dogs
  • Teach children to approach dogs slowly
  • Teach children not to disturb dogs that are sleeping, eating, or playing with toys.
  • Caution children from tormenting or teasing dogs.
  • Don't force children to make friends with any dog they are afraid of.

The Dog

  • Ensure basic obedience
  • Ensure the dog is well socialized
  • Always use a leash
  • If the dog is not well trained or socialized, keep him confined when new visitors are at your home.
  • Vaccinate, spay/neuter- keeping your dog healthy can keep your dog happier.