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Saginaw County Emergency Preparedness Council


  • The purpose of this council is to promote emergency preparedness among community Health Care providers, first responders and any other Saginaw County agency that may be involved in emergency or disaster response.
  • To promote and evaluate the quality of emergency preparedness plans, and develop programs to respond effectively and efficiently to emergencies that occur and/or potentially could occur in the community.
  • To act as a forum for exchange of ideas and information on disaster/emergency preparedness and other safety related issues.
  • Act as an advisory board to the Saginaw County Office of Emergency Management as requested.
  • Power and authority is derived from the members themselves.


  • To disseminate information regarding activities of the Council.
  • To promote education and training relative to emergency preparedness and other safety related issues.
  • To promote training and education, and to evaluate emergency preparedness programs through the use of simulated exercises.
  • Observe and offer recommendations on the coordination of community wide exercises or actual events.
  • May form subcommittees to deal with issues, perform research and assist with grant writing.


  • Any agency who desires to participate in this council may do so with the general consent of current members.
  • Members should have a role in community response to emergencies or disasters.