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Emergency Preparedness

What you can do...
In case of emergency, you'll need to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself, your family and property. Disaster can strike without warning requiring you to evacuate your neighborhood or in some cases confine you to your home. Preparing in advance by learning what hazards may affect your community and learning about how to deal with these hazards is an important part of emergency preparedness. Remember this is your responsibility!

Michigan Severe Winter Weather Awareness Packet 
Michigan Severe Weather Awareness Packet
Saginaw County Emergency Preparedness

Educational Resources


 Taking Small Steps Toward Being Prepared for an Emergency

Fire Hazmat Resources

Hazardous Materials Resources/Contacts 

State Emergency Response Commission
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Title III Office
Phone: 1-517-373-8481

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Title III Hotline
Phone: 1-800-535-0202

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Environmental Assistance Division
Phone: 1-800-662-9278

Poison Control
Phone: 1-800-222-1222

Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Agency (MIOSHA)
Phone: 1-517-322-1831

Pollution Emergency Alert System (PEAS)
Phone: 1-800-292-4706

National Response Center & Terrorist Hotline
Phone: 1-800-424-8802

For more information about the specific effects of chemical or biological agents, the following websites may be helpful: