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Emergency Management & Homeland Security


The Saginaw County Office of Emergency Management is working closely with the Saginaw County Health Department to mitigate the impact and spread of the COVID-19 virus.  We encourage all Saginaw County residents to practice the 3 W's:  Wear a mask, Wash your hands, and Watch your distance.  You can review MDHHS COVID orders here and MIOSHA COVID rules here.

For current, reliable information on the COVID-19 virus and what to do to stay safe go to the coronavirus pages of the following organizations:

If you need assistance with housing, financial support, or other basic necessities call or click 211.

Resource Requests

All PPE requests for health care agencies are handled by the Region 3 Health Care Coalition.  You can find their resource request can be found at

Other non-health care agencies (i.e. police, fire, other public or NP social organizations) must submit their resource request through the Saginaw County Office of Emergency Management.  You can find the appropriate resource request form here.  Please complete the form and email it to or FAX to 989-792-6852.