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Public Act 123: Property Foreclosure Timeline

2017 Property Taxes

March 1, 2018:
Unpaid real property taxes are turned over to the County Treasurer for collection. A 4% administration fee and 1% interest per month is added.

June 1, 2018:
First notice by first class mail.

September 1, 2018
Second notice by first class mail.

October 1, 2018:
$15 fee added to each parcel for which delinquent taxes remain unpaid.

February 1, 2019:
Third notice (certified mail).

March 1, 2019:
Properties with unpaid delinquent taxes are forfeited to the County Treasurer. A fee of $354 is added, plus the interest increases from 1% to 1.5% per month retroactive to March 1, 2014.

Beginning March 1 thru May 1, 2019:
Title Search is conducted to identify all owners entitled to notice.

Beginning June 15, 2019 thru Jan. 30, 2020:
Fourth notice certified mail and personal notice served.

Jan. 30 thru March 1, 2020:
Circuit Court hearing on foreclosure petition.

March 1, 2020:
Circuit Court enters judgment of foreclosure quieting title. Owner has final 31 days to redeem the property.

March 31, 2020:
Redemption rights expire. The owner loses all rights to property.

Aug. or Sept. 2020:
Property offered at public auction for minimum bid (amount of tax, interest and fees uncollected). Properties are sold to the highest bidder.