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Frequently Asked Questions - Voting

Who can register to vote in Michigan?

To register to vote in Michigan you must be:

  • A resident of Michigan and the city or township where you are applying to register to vote for at least 30 days before Election Day. 
  • A citizen of the United State of America
  • At least 18 years of age (by Election Day). 
  • Not serving a sentence in jail or prison. 


Do I need to show identification in order to vote?

Voters will be asked to present an acceptable photo ID, including:

  • Michigan driver's license or state-issued ID card
  • Driver's license or personal identification card issued by another state
  • Federal or state government-issued photo identification
  • U.S. passport
  • Military ID with photo
  • Student identification with photo from a high school or accredited institution of higher learning
  • Tribal identification card with photo

The ID does not need to include the voter’s address.

Please note that voters who do not have an acceptable form of ID or failed to bring it with them to the polls still can cast a ballot and will be asked to sign a brief affidavit stating that they're not in possession of a photo ID.


How can I check on the status of the absentee ballot request?

Securely track the status of your absentee ballot application and absentee ballot online at


How do I get an absentee ballot?

Registered Michigan voters may request an absentee ballot by submitting an absentee ballot application online at, by mail, or in person at their local clerk’s office. To avoid the potential for mailing delays, voters who choose to request an absentee ballot are encouraged to submit their absentee ballot application no later than two weeks before Election Day. Voters may also request an absentee ballot in person at their local clerk’s office through 4 p.m. on the Monday before an election.

Upon receiving your absentee ballot application, your local clerk’s office should check the signature on your application against the one recorded on your voter registration record. Once the signature is verified, the clerk’s office will issue your absentee ballot. To track your absentee ballot application and absentee ballot visit

After receiving your absentee ballot, you have until 8 p.m. on Election Day to complete and sign the ballot and return it to your local clerk's office, who will again verify that the signature on the ballot return envelope matches your signature on file.

Please note: If you receive assistance completing your absentee ballot, the person who helped you must sign the designated space on the return envelope before your ballot can be submitted to the clerk’s office. Only you, a family member or person residing in your household, a mail carrier, or deputized election official is authorized to deliver your signed absentee ballot to your clerk's office.


I moved and need to update my voter registration record. How do I do that?

To update your voter registration, complete a change of address application online, by mail, at a Secretary of State office, or at your local clerk’s office:

  • Online: Update your voter registration and address online at or through Online Services.
  • By mail: Submit a Change of Address form to the Michigan Department of State.
  • In person: Update your voter registration in person at any Secretary of State office or at your local clerk’s office.

Michigan voters must use the same residential address for voter registration and their driver’s license/ID. Consequently, if you change your address on your driver’s license or ID, it will automatically apply to your voter registration, and vice-versa. Therefore, if the residence address you provide when registering to vote differs from the address shown on your license or ID, the Secretary of State will automatically change your license or ID address to match your address on your voter registration. The Michigan Department of State will mail you a corrected change of address sticker for your standard license or ID, or a new enhanced state ID or driver’s license with your updated address.


Who represents me at the State and Federal levels?

It's easy to find out who your representatives are at the state and federal levels:

Michigan State Representative:

Michigan State Senator:

U.S. Congressperson:

U.S. Senators:

Michigan’s executive branch (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General):

Michigan's judicial branch:


Must I vote the entire ballot?

You are not required to vote the entire ballot. You may pick and choose the races or ballot questions for which you want to vote. Skipping sections of the ballot does not invalidate your ballot. 


Who qualifies for an absentee ballot?

Due to the passage of the statewide ballot proposal 18-3 in 2018, all eligible and registered voters in Michigan may now request an absentee ballot without providing a reason.


When is the deadline to request an absentee ballot for the November general election?

Voters can request an absentee ballot online up until 5 p.m. on the Friday before Election Day or may request one in person at their city or township clerk’s office up until 4 p.m. on the Monday before Election Day. Information for all local Michigan clerks is available on


For more frequently asked questions and answers regarding voting, contact your local clerk's office or visit: Frequently Asked Elections and Voting Questions