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2022 Elections

August 2, 2022 Primary Election

Candidate and Proposal List

Saginaw County Proposal 22-1 Saginaw County MSU Extension and 4-H New Millage

City of Zilwaukee Fire Department Millage Proposal

City of Zilwaukee Parks and Recreation Millage Renewal

Chapin Township Millage Proposal for Emergency Fire Protection Service Renewal

James Township Fire Protection Millage Proposal Renewal

Richland Township Park Millage Renewal

Richland Township Park Improvement Millage

Spaulding Township Public Safety Millage Proposal

Thomas Township Fire and Police Departments Public Safety Millage Proposal 

Thomas Township Fire Apparatus Millage Proposal Renewal

Thomas Township Library Millage Renewal Proposal

Breckenridge Community Schools Operating Millage Renewal Proposal

Chesaning Union Schools Operating Millage Proposal

Clio Area Schools Operating Millage Renewal Proposal

Clio Area Schools Sinking Fund Millage Proposal

Hemlock Public School District Operating Millage Renewal Proposal

New Lothrop Area Public Schools Operating Millage Renewal Proposal

Saginaw Intermediate School District Special Education Millage Proposal

Shiawassee Regional Education Service District Area Career and Technical Education Proposal

November 8, 2022 General Election

Lakefield Township Roads and Bridges Millage Renewal

Maple Grove Township Millage Increase Proposal Road Improvement, Repair and Maintenance

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Public Notice August 2, 2022 Primary Election 

Notice of Registration

Notice of Election

Notice of Public Accuracy Test

Notice of 8-4-2022 Board of Canvassers Meeting

Polling Locations

August 2, 2022 Saginaw County Primary Election Polling Locations

Saginaw County Polling Locations Map

Drop Box Locations

August 2022 Primary Election Saginaw County Drop Box Locations   

Election Calendars

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