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Research & Planning

Coordinator - Rich Lively
Office: (989) 790-545
Fax: (989) 790-5429

Research and Planning is responsible for the coordination, development and advancement of concepts, programs, projects and fiscal and material resources that enhance and/or improve the Department's capacity to deliver efficient and effective public safety services throughout the County. The following minimum responsibilities/tasks represent performance standards associated with the Research and Planning position.

  • Seek out, prepare and submit federal, state, local and private grant initiatives that enhance departmental operations and/or services.
  • Research, review and revise, where appropriate, departmental operational and administrative policies.
  • Coordinate and monitor interdepartmental and interdisciplinary programs and projects.
  • Facilitate departmental Homeland Security initiatives.
  • Maintain fiscal, material, educational and human resource data and contact information relative to public safety services.
  • Assist in the analysis and development of departmental goals, objectives and performance standards.
  • Serve as liaison between governmental and private institutions for purposes of building and sustaining positive educational, programmatic and fiscal relationships.
  • Participate in departmental planning strategies and conduct assessments/analysis of departmental services.
  • Review and assess contemporary public safety trends that have potential application within our agency.

Current (Grant) Funding and Service Delivery Partners:

Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning,1607,7-123-1593_3504---,00.html
  • Alcohol, Seatbelt, Intersection Enforcement and Secondary Road patrol
    (Supports 3 Deputy's positions as well as enforcement overtime and equipment)
Michigan State Police (ATPA),1607,7-123-1589_57983-250994--,00.html
  • Auto Theft Recovery
    (Supports 1 Deputy's position and equipment)
Michigan State Police (Homeland Security),1607,7-123-1593_3507---,00.html
  • First Responder
    (Supports equipment and training)
Michigan Sheriff's Association
  • Victim's Assistance
    (Supports equipment and training)
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
  • Marine Services
    (Supports marine equipment and maintenance)
U.S. Department of Justice (JAG)
U.S. Department of Justice (BVP)
  • Body Armor
    (Supports the purchase/replacement of Bullet Proof Vests)
Saginaw County Road Commission
  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
    (Supports 1 Deputy's Position)