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Referral & Application Process

Adult Felony Drug Treatment Court Saginaw County

An application or referral to drug court is generally made by an attorney, probation officer, pretrial services worker, or judge. The primary criteria and exclusions (established by state statute and our funding source) are noted below.

Qualifying criteria include:

  • Defendant must be an adult felony offender
  • Defendant must live in Saginaw County
  • Defendant must score High-High or High-Medium on COMPAS
  • Defendant must have a substance abuse addiction

Disqualifying criteria include:

  • Current conviction(s) for:
    • homicide
    • felony assault
    • Criminal sexual conduct [CSC] 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree
    • Controlled Substance Delivery
    • Armed Robbery
    • Home Invasion - 1st degree
    • Carrying a concealed weapon [CCW] or other firearms offense
  • Gang affiliation(s)
  • Significant public safety risk
  • COMPAS scores at Medium or Low

Referral or application forms are available for pickup at the Courthouse or Online from:

  • The Court Administrators Office - 4th Floor
  • The Prosecutor's Office
  • Judge Gafkay's chambers
  • Online - complete and submit from this website!
  • Fill-in Form - print completed Referral for Admission fill-in form and submit with method below

Completed referral or application forms may be SUBMITTED:

  • By personal DELIVERY to the Courthouse - 4th Floor
  • Court Administrators Office
  • By FAX to the Court Administrators Office at 989-793-8180
  • Online after completing online form

Defendants Who Do Not Qualify

Individuals who do not meet the requirements for participation in the Drug Treatment Court may still need and have available treatment services through other programs. Services to help with substance abuse and addiction issues are available in the community through a number of agencies. Some of the other programs or resources available in the community are listed on this site under “Treatment Resources”.