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Marriage Ceremony

Marriage Ceremony

​The Saginaw County Clerk may perform a marriage ceremony for residents living in Saginaw County.

Scheduling - Clerk Guerra performs marriage ceremonies at the Saginaw County Courthouse when her schedule permits, Monday through Friday. You will need to call our office to schedule this service. When you call you will need to provide the following information:

  • Full names of both spouses
  • Desired wedding date and time
  • Daytime phone number

On day of ceremony, you will need to bring the following:

  • Marriage License (visit this link to apply online for your marriage license)
  • Two witnesses (must be 18 or older)
  • IDs for both parties
  • Payment:
    • $20 Marriage License Fee
    • $15 for one certified copy, $7 for any additional copies (if desired)
    • $10 Waiting Period Waiver (only paid if unable to fulfill required 3-day waiting period)
    • $20 County Clerk Officiant Fee
    • $15 Witness Fee - If Witnesses are provided by County Clerk

For Information on obtaining your marriage license or scheduling your wedding ceremony, contact the Saginaw County Clerk’s office at 989.790.5251

Please note: There is a three day waiting period between the time you apply for your marriage license and the time that your ceremony can be performed. You may request a waiver for the waiting period and pay the $10 fee. 

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