With the exception of the 1st Floor Clerk's Office, the Saginaw County Courthouse will be closed from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM on November 2, 2021 for employee training.  Only those conducting business with the Clerk's Office will be allowed entry into the building during these times.

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Saginaw County Recruitment, Selection, & Notification Procedures


Saginaw County actively recruits to fill vacancies through the posting and distribution of Job Vacancy Announcements to human service organizations, religious institutions, local agencies, two and four year colleges and universities throughout the state, the Saginaw News and MLive's on-line listing service. The Job Vacancy Announcement and other postings list the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the position, as well as the types of duties routinely performed by individuals.

Clerical pool recruitment is handled through Kelly Temporary Services.

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The Personnel Division of the Controller's Office accepts application materials from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Almost all Job Vacancy Announcements contain a specific deadline date. Such deadlines are strictly adhered to. In instances where a specific deadline is posted, materials must be dropped off by 5:00 p.m. on the closing date. Mailed materials must be postmarked by or on the deadline date.

Resumes will be accepted to demonstrate interest in a County position. However, it is strongly recommended that applicants complete a County application prior to the deadline date. Applicants selected for further consideration based on their resumes will be required to complete an application as the selection process progresses.

Application and resumes are accepted for posted positions only. Materials submitted as a general inquiry will not be maintained as the County does not keep files for such applications.

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In most cases application materials are screened by representatives from the appropriate department and staff from the Personnel Division. The employing department will schedule interviews with selected applicants. Such interviews are routinely scheduled within a four-week period after the posted closing date for accepting applications.

Upon completion of the interviews, the employing department nominates an individual to fill the vacancy. All appointments are made subject to completion of necessary paperwork or tests, a pre-employment physical and drug screen, applicable background checks, and presentation of proof of degrees, licenses, certificates, or other types of documentation required to meet the minimum qualifications of a position.

After an application deadline has passed, updates on the status of filling vacant positions can be found on the "Closed Postings" page.


If an accommodation is needed for the purpose of completing the application, taking a required test, or participating in a job interview, please contact the Personnel Division for information and assistance at (989) 790-5213.

Future Considerations

The application materials of unsuccessful applicants will be maintained by the Personnel Division for approximately 3 months in an active file. However the Personnel Division does not review files of previous applicants for newly posted vacancies. Applicants wishing to apply for another County position during this period may contact the Personnel Division and request their application materials be resubmitted for the new vacancy.

Applicants who wish to resubmit the application materials must be able to identify the position they had previously applied for by title, department, and month of vacancy. It is the applicant's responsibility to inform the Personnel Division of any and all changes necessary to update their application for the position for which their application materials are being resubmitted.

It is the Personnel Division's recommendation that applicants submit new application materials, which represent their current qualifications and experience clearly, and appropriately, for each and every position for which they apply.

Thank you for applying with Saginaw County.