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1st Responder Information

This site contains confidential offsite information to be used by Saginaw County 1st Responders when responding to SARA III/302 site locations that may contain Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS).

This information was created using reports completed by the 302 sites and is based on EHS data from the previous year. Responders should make every effort to contact site representatives to confirm that information is accurate.

Plans contain general information on the following topics:

  • EHS type, location, and quantity
  • Site contact information
  • General information on the area surrounding the 302 site

These plans are confidential and can not be shared outside of Saginaw County 1st Response Agencies.  Questions about or for permission to use these plans for activities other than emergency response should be directed to the Saginaw County Office of Emergency Management.

Plan Access